Custom Tattoo Footswitch and Clipcord
Custom Tattoo Footswitch and Custom Clip Cords for Tattoo Machines

I make these one at a time,they are built to withstand heavy daily use and age gracefully.
I use historic, antique switches made in America and craft everything else.
Please check the portfolio for more details and pictures on foot switch styles.
I started building these 2004 after i purchased the only real vintage one Ive ever seen from a relative of Al Schiefley from Ohio.
I used a tag line for years about how these were used by all the old timers of the past but, have since come to realize they were not that common at all. Many copycats use that old tag line and , don't even realize ...i made that up.
If anyone can find vintage pictures of these being used,PLEASE send me some via email.

One of A Kind Custom Clip Cords for Tattoo Machines

I started making these super deluxe one of a kind clip cords to match what i was doing with the footswitches and, to answer the demand from the artists/collectors which i fabricated footswitches.

Click on the portfolio for more details, examples and ones for sale.
Many out there are imitating what I have done in the last few years,even imitating the imitators....I have yet to see one that "stacks up" to the thought and quality I put into can decide on what you buy.
Any questions just e-mail me.